Plastic Moulding Design FAQs answered

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about plastic moulding design.

Plastic Moulding Design
Q: I've got an idea for plastic moulding or vac forming but no CAD data - can you help me ?
Yes, we can help you to turn your idea into a finished plastic moulding. We can design your product, get working models for you & once you've approved the models, we can make the tooling and samples and then the finished products for you.

Q: My design for my new invention is confidential - can you quote to make it in plastic & keep my idea safe ?
Absolutely, your plastic moulding design is 100% safe with us. Simply download & complete our confidentiality agreement, we'll countersign & return it so that you can either fax, e-mail or post us your design or visit us to discuss your design in further detail.

Q: Should I patent my invention, I've made a working prototype of it & I'd like you to make in plastic ?
It's your choice, but patents are expensive & time consuming. Registered design is cheaper & provides registered protection of your design. For more help, view Exploit your ideas at the business link web site

Q: My last design brief wasn't adhered to & the product designs were impossible or too expensive to manufacture. I want to be more involved in the design - is this possible with your design service ?
You can work on a one to one basis with our designers to ensure your design brief is met and as our designers are moulding engineers, they'll ensure that your design is cost effective and ready for production. For either option, download & complete our design brief.
SLA SLS & Machined Plastic Models

Q: Can you produce test parts for me to try in my assembly before making the mould tools ?
Yes ! We can create or use your CAD models to make models for you - we can make SLA models which look good and can be painted in your company colours or SLS models which are better for robust working models with snap fits, living hinges etc.

Q: I need some models made in a specific material & so SLA / SLS models aren't suitable - is there an alternative ?
For models in a resin close to the final moulding material, SLA models can be used to make 10-20 vacuum cast models - the best models with properties closest to the finished mouldings are cnc machined plastic models which we can machine for you.

Q: I've got 50 standard plastic cases but need holes added to allow cables to pass through - can you help ?
Yes - holes, apertures or text can be cnc machined in order to add the features you need on the plastic cases.



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