answers to printing FAQs - printing on curved surfaces & plastic mouldings, hot foil or pad printing ?

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about printing on plastic mouldings.

Hot Foil & Pad Printing On Plastic Mouldings

Q: I need my logo & contact details pad printing on my mouldings - what do you need from me ?

To make the artwork we need high quality, scalable, black on white graphic images (PDF, EPS or Adobe Illustrator format) & a separate drawing/sketch with the printing dimensions, colours & positions on the moulding. If you need e.g. a red logo with black text, please e-mail two images, 1 of the logo & 1 of the text.

Q: I need some printing done on a curved area of one of our mouldings - is this possible ?

Yes - pad printing is very good for printing on curved surfaces. It is also possible to do so with hot foil printing, but it is harder to do and sometimes needs specialist machines. Alternatively, we can engrave the mould or vacuum forming tools instead of printing.

Q: Which process is best for me, pad printing or hot foil printing ?

There are advantages of both processes. In brief, pad printing is very good for printing on curved surfaces, printing multiple colours and printing sophisticated designs, whereas hot foil printing is quicker, cheaper per print and to set up and doesn't require post printing drying time but is limited on the number of colours per print



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