About Us

For plastic injection molds, injection molded plastic parts or complete injection molded plastic products,all kinds of metal parts your best source in China is United Mould.  Located in Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, United Mould is a full service, single source supplier of quality custom molds and custom injection molded plastic components and products,die casting parts, stamping parts, CNC process parts. Our reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability has been steadily built since 2009, and is now beginning its new era of sustainable development.United Mould is structured to provide many of the plastic manufacturing services & metal manufacturing services  you may require.  We can work with your finished design -- or participate in its initial development stage. From concept development through tool fabrication, parts production, decorating, and packaging of your finished product, we have the resources and experience to produce your most challenging as well as simple designs.
United Mould is dedicated to the establishment and preservation of a close, on going
customer-vendor relationship based on honesty, quality, reliability and service. Our
customers range from the small startup company to large multinational corporations which demonstrates our range of capabilities, services and most of all, our attitude.  We would welcome the opportunity to solve your most challenging plastic injection molding production & metal productions requirements also.

◆ Our Services
United Mould offers the full spectrum of services including:
Design & Engineering
Molds & Tooling
Molding - Production
Quality Assurance

United Mould focuses on precision, consistency and quality, plus tight cost control to deliver exceptional plastic components,die casting parts,stamping parts,CNC proceed parts. We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding customer expectations, whether long or short production runs, for a variety of industries:
Auto parts
Electrical & Electronics
Industrial & Medical
Consumer/Professional Products
Home/Office Products
Building & Construction
Furniture, Furnishings, Fixtures and Fitting

Our Values & Chant
It is very common in China to line up in rows to hear the manager/supervisor read out the goals and objectives for the day. At the end of the meeting it is customary for the employees to chant key slogans. Gordon Styles wrote this chant to help remind all employees of the key principles of manufacturing that he considers core to an efficient and well run factory:
How do we become more efficient and satisfy our customers?
Rúhé tígāo xiàolǜ, ràng kèrén mǎnyì?
Saving money just to save money often creates COST elsewhere.
Yī bù mángmù shěng qián, èr bù làngfèi zīyuán
Employ the best people, the best technology, and the best materials.
Réncái jìshù cáiliào, yīdìng yào yòng zuì hǎo
Plan, Plan, Plan; Team, Team, Team
Shì shì jìhuà wèi xiān, chùchù hézuò wújiàn
Get it right, first time, every time
Zuò hǎo dì yīcì, zuò hǎo měi yī cì


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