USB Stick Plastic Injection mould, Moulding , Painting

Job Specification:

Project: USB Stick
Processes Involved: USB Stick Plastic Injection mould,  Moulding , Painting
Components: 3 (Top, Bottom, Endcap)

Project Details:

The isostick is a device that carries both a flash and optical drive on one USB stick. isostick was developed by Elegant Invention, a small technology company based in South Bend, Indiana. It is already proving popular with both IT professionals and amateurs who are keen to replace mountains of CDs and slow load times with one device that can be carried around on a key ring.

How the Part / Individual Components Are Made:

For this project UNITED MOULD develops a three-part injection molding process to create the top, bottom, and end of the isostick’s housing. Initially the plan is to use a combination of plastic injection moulding and painting. However, the technicians at UNITED MOULD highlight the option for translucent colors and it is soon agreed to proceed with 3% translucency. Further down the road fully transparent samples are developed and due to go into production afterwards. The option of using a material that would glow under UV light is also being discussed.


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